August 4, 2004: A message from Kevin Sullivan to our committee chair...

I can't tell you pleased I was to see your Conference turn out to be such a success. You had amazingly glorious weather and the people who attended were absolutely delightful. It was sincerely a pleasure for me to participate. The discussion brought back many old memories. Funny thing is when I produce shows I immediately forget all about them. I only recall highlights. The clearing out of the mind in the creative process. It was wonderful to get a glimpse of Avonlea again through fresh eyes, because of the enthusiasm of all of you! My kids were all of a sudden interested in what I was doing and asked to screen some episodes at home Saturday evening. And they enjoyed themselves to boot!! So you see they got over their disinterest... greatly boosting my self-confidence at story-telling when sometimes it lags at home.

In any case I thank you and your associates for being so impressively organized, well-informed and passionate. I do hope other fans learn about it and you have an opportunity to do it again. Your enthusiasm was quite infectious. The other cast members who were unable to make it may be charmed into it, another year, by the likes of those who were able to come.

I wish you all the best. It was wonderful to connect. Please extend my best (and feel free to forward this email) to Kitty, Chris and all of the other members of the team who made AVCON a reality.

Fondly, Kevin Sullivan